Appendix B. Warning and error messages

Table of Contents

Syntax error messages
Error: foobar at line 17 column 42.
Error: unrecognized option 'bar'.
Error: redefinition of identifier 'foo'...
Error: rounding operator expected, got 'foo'...
Error: invalid parameters for 'foo'...
Error: incorrect number of arguments for 'foo'...
Other error messages during parsing
Error: undefined intervals are restricted to conclusions.
Error: the range of foo is an empty interval.
Error: zero appears as a denominator in a rewriting rule.
Proof failures
Error: no contradiction was found.
Error: some enclosures were not satisfied.
Warning messages during parsing
Warning: renaming identifier 'foo' as 'bar'...
Warning: although present in a quotient, the expression foo may not have been tested for non-zeroness.
Warning: foo and bar are not trivially equal.
Warning: bar is a variable without definition, yet it is unbound.
Warning: no path was found for foo.
Warning messages during proof computation
Warning: when foo is in i1, bar cannot be proved.
Warning: case split on foo has not produced any interesting new result.
Warning: case split on foo has no range to split.
Warning: case split on foo is not goal-driven anymore.